THE “deteriorating state” of the Round ‘O’ in Enniskillen has angered residents and tourists visiting the area, Democratic Unionist councillor Keith Elliott has said. 
“I appreciate that it can be difficult to maintain all areas during peak times on the tourism calendar but if a routine cleaning programme is not put in place then visitor numbers will simply decline,” said Councillor Elliott.
An area at the water’s edge, which is maintained by Waterways Ireland, has become overgrown with weeds and in the past week a quantity of discarded rubbish has also been spotted in areas not maintained by the organisation. 
A spokeswoman for Waterways Ireland said the area is listed as part of a maintenance schedule along with all the other areas on the waterways “and is due for work within a matter of weeks.”
“I welcome the plan to address the situation and I trust that this will become a long term strategy that develops this picturesque area,” said Councillor Elliott.